Get Back on Track to Meet Your Business Goals

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June 9, 2020
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Get Back on Track to Meet Your Business Goals

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Many people look at the beginning of the “new year” as this exciting time to set new business goals, make plans and get excited by their vision. But so many people set those goals in January and never look at them again! It’s ok! 

According to Brian Tracy, a motivational public speaker and self-development author, he stated that: 

“According to the best research, less than 3 percent of Americans have written goals, and less than 1 percent review and rewrite their goals on a daily basis.” 

THAT is a staggering number!! 

That’s ALSO why in my Ignite Your Business 1 Year training, part of their WEEK 1 homework is “writing their goal each and every day” at the TOP of their daily planners. 

I know it may seem “silly” to do this day after day after day… But it’s statically proven that if you RE-WRITE your goal each day – you have a much greater chance to reaching them! 

There’s a deep scientific brain shift that happens when we re-write our goals every day. It’s called encoding. Encoding is the biological process by which the things we perceive travel to our brain’s hippocampus where they’re analyzed. From there, decisions are made about what gets stored in our long-term memory and, in turn, what gets discarded. 

Writing improves that encoding process. In other words, when you write it down it has a much greater chance of being remembered.

Please NOTE that this process works when we WRITE (not when we save it in our “notes” app!) 
Goal setting in its simplest form gives you a target to aim at and enables you to develop the self-discipline to continue working toward your target rather than becoming distracted and going off in other directions.
So, this brings me to a conversation I had with my business bestie the other day! 

I asked her “have you been focusing on your goals”? 

She admittedly said “no” … 

And then I admitted, that I had “fallen off” as well. 

Do I as I say not as I do!! (Am I right?) Haha 

So together we committed to helping to hold each other accountable to meet our business goals. 

I mean come on, it’s been preeeeeetty easy the past few months to “lose focus”.

So that’s what I want to talk about this week… 

GOALS and HOW to do a mid-year checkup for your business – because when we focus on the “right” things we quickly increase our earning potential! 

This YEAR likely needs it greater than any other year we’ve faced… 


I know talking about concepts like this sometimes sounds and may feel so overwhelming , but I want to try to break it down for you and make it as easy for you as possible! 

OH – but before I jump into that…

We started a Summer Marketing Refresh 5 Day Challenge inside our Connections group! We started yesterday!! And in this 5 day challenge, we’re focusing on Refreshing your Marketing. The goal here – is to help YOU get back into action and focused on your OWN Goals!! 

You can hop in NOW and catch up on yesterday’s challenge and put yourself in the running for our daily prizes! I mean – who doesn’t love a prize?! 

You can hop in here:


So where should you begin with your mid-year checkup? 

As I said, when you stay focused and committed, we stay on track to DO the things that help us earn more money in the process. 

The TOP 3 things you can review midyear to get back on track and meet your business goals.

Review your quarterly and annual goals

How are you doing? Are you on track? Not on track? Perhaps you set your goals a little too high this year? Looking at it head on allows you to be aware of where you stand – so that as you begin the second half of the year – you have the time to make adjustments. This is a great time to assess what has or has not been working for you the past 6 months. (NOW we alllll know that this year had it’s OWN fun problems, but don’t let that STOP you from doing this work! ) 

It’s not too late to achieve what you set forth this year. The point, though, is your efforts should all be geared towards achieving those goals!


Review your current marketing 


Go back and look at the marketing you’ve invested your time and money in the past 6 months. Have you measured and tracked all your marketing efforts and results? If not, then you’ll never really know what works and what doesn’t. 


Back in February, pre-COVID, I had a conversation with someone who wanted to join The Concierge Academy. During our conversation we discussed how she was marketing and where she was investing her time and financial resources. 


She shared with me how excited she had been to have invested in 3 local vendor shows and an upcoming sponsorship event that would have “300-500” people walking past her booth. 


I asked 2 questions that quickly opened her eyes: 


1- Did you gain any new clients from the first 3 vendor events you participated in?  Her response was “No – just one or 2 small requests”. (These events cost hundreds of dollars to participate in.) 


What do you see here? 1- she didn’t actually even know if it was 1 or 2 requests that came FROM those events. Or which event it came from AND there was no true long-term ROI because she also had nothing in place to track the attendees or connect with attendees in a meaningful way long-term. 


2- The second question I asked was: who are your ideal clients, who is your target? The response was “busy professionals and C level execs”. My response – do you think your overwhelmed busy C level executives spend their Saturdays at free local “vendor events”? The answer would be – NO. 
These are some of the truth and fact-finding conversations I have with people each and every week in our group calls. 

The problem is that people often run from the work – The work that REALLY needs to happen. And instead they invest in what they think will be a “quick fix”. A quick vendor or sponsorship event that will have 500 people walking past. BUT, if your ideal clients aren’t walking past – it’s a waste of money, and TIME! 


This person decided that day that what she was focusing on was NOT getting her towards her goals and she decided to invest in her own knowledge and education. 

And because she knew that I was able to share with her WHERE to invest her time and marketing dollars, she joined us for our one year Ignite Your Business Program. 

Why am I sharing this? Because too often people are blindly doing things that have NO true ROI, which is why they’re having a hard time meeting their business goals. 


Please make sure you put a few hours on your calendar and go back and review and track everything you’ve been doing the first half of the year to meet your business goals! When you identify what IS working those are the things you should be focused on first! 

Where are your challenges showing up? 


My good friend, and one of my coaches, Stacey Martino taught me years ago that challenges are really just “opportunities in disguise”. 

I mean come on – 2020 – LOOOOTS of challenges!! But did you dive in and try to solve them? Or did you sit back and just let “whatever happens – happen”? 

Where are your current challenges? 

For example: 
Last year we had a challenge that looked like this: 

It took us too long to onboard a new clientWe were so busy and had so many requests coming in all at once that we were NOT getting back to people fast enough. 


The challenge was we were losing potential clients and taking a week or more to get new clients started. (EEEK!)  The opportunity we had was to create a new system in the business that would support us when we had a large influx of a new clients all at once. 
This week I want you to put yourself in a hot air balloon (figuratively) and rise up and above your business – about 1000 feet up. When you’re 1000 feet up, you’re no longer “in it”. 

Then I want you to look back DOWN upon your business, and see where you are and what really needs to change to meet your business goals. 

Where are the gaps? 

Where are you stuck? 

What is currently in your way? 

Do you need to market more? 

Do you need to shift your “languaging” around how you market your services? 

Do you need a fresh NEW marketing approach because what you’ve been focusing on just isn’t working? 

Is it time to invest money for shortcuts? 

Are you ready to invest in your own learning? If so, what do you need MOST right now? 

How will you plan and pivot for this fall and holiday season? 

There are soooo many questions you can be asking yourself right now! Take this “mid-year” check up, and get really CLEAR on your GOALS and your direction, and begin to put the pieces in place to help you meet your business goals ? 

Oh, and just to give you a heads up… 

A key to succeeding through goal setting is expecting temporary setbacks and obstacles as inevitable parts of the goal-achieving process. THAT is the million-dollar lesson! 

Until next time… 




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