Dreaming Required…

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January 6, 2021
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January 19, 2021
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Dreaming Required…

start today/ business mindset

Last week, my hubby and I started working on what I shall call a “super project!”

What is this said, “super-project,” and why are noise-canceling headphones in my future?

We began the process of interviewing contractors to finish our 2500 sq ft unfinished basement! Now you understand “super-project.” Our plans will include a gym, craft room, bar (obviously), and big loungey area with lots of seating for Eagles games.

It’s been something we’ve considered and talked about and “dreamed of” since we built our home almost six years ago… but we kept putting it on the back burner!

Until COVID happened.

COVID and our desire to not go to the local gym has given us just the nudge we needed to make what was a back-burner dream into a 2021 goal!

So Friend, what does MY project have to do with you?

For many people, building their dream home (like we did in 2014), or building a beach house (like we did in 2018), or finishing a 2500 sq ft basement is something many won’t even DREAM of… because for so many people “dreaming” is unfamiliar…

Sure – you may have “realistic” dreams…

WHAT IF you allowed yourself to DREAM wildly?? Like you did when you were a kid?

Are you limiting your dreams by what you think is possible instead of with what you actually want? Are you eliminating the possibility of a dream becoming a reality because you aren’t certain that dream can become a reality?

My question for you on that thought is… why?

start today/ business mindset

Start working on your super project today.

A couple of weeks back I held a seven-hour Strategic Planning Day with the members of my 100K Club… One of their assignments was to plan out their 10-year life plan! And then to take a picture of it and share it inside our private Facebook group.

This was just one of the exercises we did as part of our 2021 goal setting.

This was an exercise designed to encourage dreaming…

But so many of us are “wired” to limit our dreams… instead we choose things that feel “safe.”

So, when one of our 100K members posted her 10-year plan, I was not surprised by her thoughts …

She said…

“Here’s my 10-year life plan. In some areas I’m dreaming; others are more grounded in reality. I am open to the possibilities and the effort!”

I challenged her to dream without limits… and asked…

What if “grounded in reality” wasn’t required…

My encouragement to you, no matter where you are in life right now, is to DREAM and set GOALS first, then we can figure out how to get there.

I am curious… if you could dream without limits, without fear, without taking into consideration what you “think” you can accomplish, what would your life look like one year from now?

And to help you think through this… I have a worksheet for you so that you too can begin your 10-YEAR Life Plan.

Oh, and if your goal this year is to DREAM Bigger, Be More Focused, Market More, and Multiply Your Sales this year – Join me for our 10X Your Results in 2021 Challenge!

For 5 Days I’ll show you exactly how to achieve more in 2021 without losing focus! And it’s free to join!

Join us here! I know you can turn your dreams into a reality!


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