3 Ways to create a “Raving Fan”

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January 12, 2021
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January 27, 2021
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3 Ways to create a “Raving Fan”

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Clients – that love you – will renew with you AND refer you over and over again…

These clients are called “raving fans!”

A “raving fan” is someone who:
> Raves about YOU and the work you do (and tells all their besties about it).
> Is willing to renew (as in renew a contract, work with you month after month, and buy higher-end offers).
> And is willing to Refer (refer you to others).

Clients that love you will renew with you and refer you!

When we look at creating “raving fans,” what would you need to do, or not do?

Think of the ways you market, offer, and sell your services.

Then ask yourself this fundamental question at each step of your customer/client’s journey:

“Exactly what could be done at each stage to make my client/customer a Raving Fan?”

Onboarding a client: How can I create a raving fan?

Working with a client: How can I create a raving fan?

After working with a client: How can I create a raving fan?

To do this …

Imagine you are the customer and identify every detail of what would make a raving fan experience for you.

Are you making it easy to work with or hire you?

Or do you make it difficult?

Is paying you an easy process? Or is over complicated?

Do people know what to expect from working with you? Or do you fail to “lead”?

As you roll into 2021 how will you use “Raving Fans” to help you reach your goals this year?

Hit reply and let me know!!

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