6 Components Needed for a 6-Figure Business

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These 3 Things = Your “Ideal Client”
November 17, 2020
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December 1, 2020
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6 Components Needed for a 6-Figure Business

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For all my US friends – I want to take a quick minute to wish you a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!!  Today I want to shine a light on something that is often spoken about and then I want to give you the 6 necessary components to building a 6-figure business…

I know this year has been soooo crazy – and yet we have so much to be thankful for!!

Like Lisa who is in our 100K Club.

Covid came – wiped her “ J – O – B”  away from her.

BUT having THAT happen gave her the “push” she needed to really dive into the business she dreamed of having that she had put on the “back burner” until her situation forced in take that LEAP…

Now – she’s having 10K months … and she did ALL of this since March!

It’s amazing what focus and clarity can do ? ? or when you get a kick in the pants from the universe!

75% of ALL personal concierge business owners NEVER make more than 25K a year.

Please don’t hate me for sharing that with you…

I’ve watched it for years…

People with GOOD hearts, and KIND souls step out into the business world, with this amazing idea of “taking care of others”. It is a VERY BRAVE step, and if that’s you, I honor you with all my heart and soul for following your heart and leading you to starting your own business.

Like so many before me, when I started my business I was soooooo excited to do this “new thing” where I was able to take my talents (I’m an amazing caretaker) and use them to take care of others.

For many of you, you are JUST LIKE me! You felt the call. The one down in your gut, that said “it’s time to do something more”. And In the meantime, you may have even left behind a stable J-O-B with amazing benefits to do so. You may have even made your family, hubby included, and your friends think you’re crazy and also amazing to follow your heart…

Until you start to struggle with your new business.

That’s when the “rah rah rah – you can do it” turns quickly into a “are you sure you can do this? This is a dumb idea. Are you ever going to make any money?” let alone a 6 figure business.

When I started my business, I tried everything!!

And when I mean everything – I mean EVERRRRRYthing!!

I tried getting flyers printed and posting them in my local grocery store (that did nothing but attract people who wanted to work FOR me – and not with me).

I signed up for free sessions at SCORE. Those guys told me I would never make it.

I rented tables out at Chamber events and did local craft fairs.

I even drove around to all the “rich” neighborhoods and put flyers on their mailboxes…

None of it worked…

I almost gave up … (at least 5x in the first year – and 10 or more times the 2nd year)

But I refused to give up.

Then one day I went into the local Office Max to get more flyers printed (that’s who I used back then) and the woman behind the counter who I started to recognize said to me …

“You know – I have watched a few of “you” over the past 2 years with a business like this – and yet you’re the only one that’s still in business”.

I stood there shocked – I was excited, nervous, sad and confused all at the same time…

But it was a moment that shook me to my core – I REFUSED to be defeated.

So I through myself into my business even more.

I took classes and courses.

I dug into my savings and hired business coaches that cost 7K a pop in search of the “right ways” to market.

But I quickly realized that even these “gurus” couldn’t quite help me…

They had no idea what it was like to build a local service-based business.

But I refused to give up and I kept throwing spaghetti at the walls… I did more to market my business in one year than most do in 5 years – I was a BEAST!!!

Wherever I went – people started to “recognize” me.

At the gym – people would say “are you that Task lady”? Why yes – yes I am …

Even once at the Amish market – a woman pulled me aside to ask me how she could hire us to organize her daughter’s house for her …

And the more I was “known” … the more clients I started to get.

People started seeking ME out instead of me “looking” for clients…

And as I grew and expanded and hired more and more team – I started measuring and quantifying EVERYTHING…

I wanted to know EXACTLY what I was doing that was giving me the BEST results to reach a 6 figure business!

And after years of doing all the things …

Then years of tracking all the things…

And then another 2 years building out all our marketing systems…

I saw a pattern …

A pattern of what WORKS – and it’s the SAME things I teach to all of my students in my coaching programs …

It’s why even though 75% of all people in out industry make less than 25K a year … 75% of all the students who go through my programs make over 40K and many go ON to reach 100K a year ( and more ) …

So today I want to help YOU know the 6 components needed to build a 6 figure business.

  • Getting REALLLY clear on your ideal clients (I knoooooow!! It’s so overheard and completely overrated BS – BUT it’s also so painstakingly true).  If you think “everyone is your client” like I did and every other concierge out there, you are TOTALLY missing out on BIGGER income and profits! I know! It sounds totally counter-intuitive too. But I will tell you that those people who are brave enough to choose a niche are the ones that have the fastest results. Without clarity on WHO your clients are, your marketing becomes a bunch of noise in the marketplace.
  • Building a business that has a recurring revenue model. I will tell you my friend that this here is what took me from being a “business owner” not quite at a 6 figure business to an entrepreneur making multiple 6 figures and being profitable at it. Without consistent recurring money coming in the door, you never know how to budget OR if you’ll be able to pay your bills month after month.
  • Become the “go-to” person in your marketplace. You want to be the person/business that everyone says “call so and so! She/he is amazing”. But how do you become so well known in an area that clients and referrals come to YOU systematically? You need to be doing the RIGHT marketing activities that get you out in front of your audience.
  • Be consistent in all your marketing. I know this sounds like a no-brainer too, but I will tell you that 95% of people out there building a business, are always playing hot potato with their marketing. It looks like this:

           “Let me go to this networking event” (and have no process for following up for the long haul)

“I’m gonna pay for that ad! The guy at the Country Club said everyone there is in the top 10% of earners and that my ideal clients are there”. (yeah – don’t do THAT!)

“This week I think I’ll try this”

“That didn’t work so I’m not doing that again”

  • Know the exact strategies to being found both ONLINE and OFFLINE. Marketing a personal service business like ours has some VERY UNIQUE marketing strategies that WORK when implemented correctly and consistently. It’s getting clear on what works and not wasting time and money on things that might “look pretty” on the outside but really do nothing for your income or profitability.
  • Grow beyond yourself. This is what happens when you market in the right ways consistently, have a recurring revenue model, AND know who your ideal clients are. When people can find you quickly online and offline, this is when your IMPACT expands. And when your impact expands, your income goes up. But what inevitability happens is that you WILL need to grow beyond yourself to cross the 6-figure business mark. This is something many of my students experience after they’ve worked with me. They start out making little money and within 2 years need to hire to get take themselves and their business to the next level. It’s something many of them didn’t even see coming!

Ok, I know it sounds simple right? But for so many out there being able to show up for your business over and over (especially in the beginning when nothing feels like it’s working) is one of the HARDEST things you’ll ever do.

Look, I don’t have to teach you how to BE a concierge. That is your own unique gift my friend.

But it’s the business building part that so many people just don’t get! I think it’s because off all the books and articles out there online that say things like “YOU can make 5 figures in 30 days with this ONE thing” or “You can have a profitable concierge business with little to no startup money” and my fave “All you need to build a concierge business is a cell phone and a laptop” …

This is why over the past 5 years I have been taking people through my process and helping them GROW and BUILD profitable businesses. Many have left behind their FT jobs. Many have grown teams. Many are now adding philanthropy INTO their business model like we have at Task Complete.

So, my friend, be sure you are focusing your efforts and time on the 6 components I shared above …

That’s where your “dreams” of having a successful 6 figure business will turn into a reality XO

OH and if you want some help with your marketing … Be sure to watch your EMAIL!!

We have an amazing surprise for you this week!!

Think of it as a special Black Friday promotion …but it’s only going to be available for 72 HOURS!!

So be sure to watch for a special invitation email later this week

Until next time…



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