your guide to creating a thriving concierge business and living your dream!
What You Need to Know to Build a Successful Business 
Live Your Passion and Change the World
The Concierge Life is all you need
to save yourself time, heartache and money and really grow your concierge business to be the business of your dreams!
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Low Cost Marketing For Your Concierge Business
Access this 92-minute training, with workbook, in The Concierge Academy "Training Hub" and discover ways to attract new clients into your business without spending much (if any) money.
PLUS... A PDF of the Book
In The Concierge Life, we’ll tackle the big issues 
that concierge businesses face every day, like:
  • The six false beliefs that will kill your dream – and maybe your business, too!
  • ​Your #1 job as a concierge. (Hint: it’s not serving your clients!) 
  • ​How to manage your mindset so little setbacks don’t become big barriers. 
  • ​How to identify (and market to) your ideal clients.
This is your guide to creating a thriving concierge business and living your dream!
Let’s Do This!!
Kellyann Schaefer, Owner of Task Complete, has already made all the mistakes, tested the methods and knows exactly how to grow to a 6 figure business and live The Concierge Life! And now, she’s sharing all her knowledge with you!
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