How to Create FLOW in Your Life Today

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How to Create FLOW in Your Life Today

Breaking chains/create flow in your life and business

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It’s time for me to give more – to myself, my students, my followers, my family, my community… while also learning to be OPEN to RECEIVE more. It’s time for me to create FLOW in my life that opens toward me.
I wrote in my journal a couple weeks ago a thought that came through for me and I wanted to share it with you…

Learn to allow it to flow – Like water to a tree.


I think this “midlife” feeling I am feeling is more of an opening of what I desire the most in this life.
Several weeks ago, I started going through this weird-ass “mid-life” crisis kinda feeling. I don’t know if it’s because my birthday is coming up, that my youngest two kids will both be “of age” in a few short years, the coming empty nest (I’m actually TOTALLY ready for that – I think), because my hubby and I sat and talked to our financial planner about what “retiring” might look like – OR the fact that my baby girl turns 31 on Thursday?
Talk about a WTF moment!!
I have to admit that this “mid-life” feeling has me feeling so many “feels” right now – it’s hard to put into words…

The ONE THING that keeps popping up over and over is this deeper feeling of the circle of giving and receiving.

I remember a good friend telling me a year ago that when she turned 50 – that she quite frankly STOPPED giving a “bleeeeep” about what others wanted OF her. That she also STOPPED worrying about what was or was not. That she allowed space to create flow….

And if I’m being honest with myself, I think that’s where I’m headed, too – a feeling of what I want to experience in this lifetime – beyond the physical and monetary…

Two words come to me quickly: PEACE and FREEDOM.
So why in the heck am I sharing this with you?
Because whether you’re feeling the same feels, you’ve experienced it in the past, or you have no idea what I’m talking about, there is a lesson here of how to create FLOW – the energy of where we are in this point in our lives of the cycle of giving and receiving… and I want to circle it back to your business.

The best way to create a better FLOW state is through practicing.

Practice GIVING to Create Flow

The easiest way to do this is to add it into your day – every stranger you pass, your kids, your love, your clients… Whatever you do – let it FLOW, not because you feel you “have to”.
  • A compliment
  • A thank you (when’s the last time you sent someone a TY card just for fun?)
  • A note of gratitude (to your spouse for cooking dinner or putting your dishes in the sink)
  • Words of affirmation (to your team!!)
  • A hug or a smile (some of my favorite things to give)
  • A donation, a bigger tip, a free coffee in line
  • Your TIME
  • Your energy


Practice RECEIVING to Create Flow

The trick to giving is to learn how to be a good receiver! Many people will GIVE a compliment – yet they don’t accept and receive one! (Is that you, boo?) People over time learn how to deflect and push away. When we push away things like compliments, support, or time – we send a message to the universe that we aren’t willing to receive – Yet the thing we want most of the time is to RECEIVE MONEY!!
Want to receive more money? Learn to receive a compliment first!!
  • Compliments
  • Gifts
  • A letter of thanks
  • Advice
  • Gratitude
  • Pennies we find on the ground
  • Free coffee
  • HELP from the MAN who offers to hold the door for you – or offers to put your luggage in the overhead compartment!! ****I’m calling out all my ladies here who have learned they can “do it themselves – and don’t need any help”  … YES you absolutely CAN but you are also blocking that man’s need/desire to GIVE!! (See how this whole cycle thing works?? )
When you want to GROW things in your business, look at ways you may possibly be holding back. What you desire – GIVE first!
  • Give a referral
  • Write a testimonial for someone
  • Give an exchange of $$ (Buy something from someone else.)
  • Give your wisdom
  • Give 20 minutes of your time
  • Give resources
Whatever you do – remember to do so from a place of HAPPY and then be open to RECEIVE in a new form, in any form, in the BEST form that you need right now. Whether it’s answers, opportunities to grow, money or connection – be open to receive.
So, here’s to getting through this next phase of life – a place of peace and freedom….

I’m giving you BIG HUGS right now XO
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