You shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing

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July 28, 2020
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You shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing

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Today I want to teach you something that I HOPE will be an eye-opener for you!! I want to prevent you from doing things that you shouldn’t be doing or aren’t’ ready for… just yet anyway ?

But before I tell you why you shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing, I want to tell you a story!! 

Years ago, I joined a high-level business Master Mind – The investment was 6K per year! I stayed for MANY years!! 

I loved every minute of it!! EXCEPT for the confusion and pain it caused me!! 

Hear me out! 

I loved being part of that group – it’s so amazing when you meet other people who have BIG dreams too! It’s amazing to be with other people who are ready and willing to invest in their own futures … 

BUT here’s how it also jacked me up!! 

When I was in the “starting” phase of my business, I would be sitting at a table with other entrepreneurs – My biggest struggle at the time was “getting clients”. 

They wanted more clients too – but they were also “further along” than me. They had fancy websites with opt-ins and email lists – many had videos on their websites or had a VA (virtual assistant) and everyone was charging more than I was … 

I found myself in a room of mostly business, health, and life coaches … nobody quite “got” my little concierge business… 

Charge YOUR WORTH they would rally – they wanted me to charge $150 /hr. 

Only work 3 weeks out of a month they chimed – so that I could “reboot” on week 4. 

I started listening and TRYING to BE who they were – I said YES to list building summits that cost me thousands of dollars. I tried hosting “events’ that I could charge for … 

I did ALL things that I wasn’t ready to be doing – NOT THEN anyway!! 

I did this over and over to myself – the BIGGEST downside to doing things I wasn’t ready for was I lost my OWN confidence in myself and in MY beautiful business I was working so hard to build… 

If I only KNEW then what I know now!! 

Sometimes we have to put the blinders on and avoid those crazy-ass shiny objects!! 

That’s why in my coaching programs – I ONLY give what works!! I know what it takes now. I have ZERO doubts and all the confidence in how to build a multiple 6 figure service-based business… I don’t need outside opinions to do that anymore… 

With this understanding of myself, I came to a realization and it’s one I see so many people get stuck in … 

My realization is simple – most business owners are doing activities based on thinking that they’re in a more advanced stage of business than they’re actually in.

Today I want to do you a favor and save you a lot of time, energy, and money as you grow your business. I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to be doing based on your stage of business.

Ready? Here we go…


The start-up stage of business is when you’re just getting out of the gate with your business. You’re finding your niche, clarifying your ideal client, finding your own unique voice, and creating a foundation for your business.

Strategies needed in THIS stage are actually quite simple but so often not mastered. In this stage of your business, you need to be thinking only about two things – how you’re going to you’re your name out there and how you’re going to attract clients.

But most start-up businesses are often looking for “sexier” tasks. Many even go down rabbit holes – that take them further from their goals. 

If you’re in the Start-Up phase, focus on getting clear about what you do, who you work with, and create a pricing model that is EASY for potential clients to say “yes” to! 

If you’re in the “startup” phase, then this is where you want to be sure you’ve identified your NICHE, the services you’re going to offer, create intake forms and a “new client” process that will set you up for success AND make sure you have the RIGHT insurance to cover yourself and your business and assets! Do NOT skip in the Start Up Phase! 

If you need help knowing WHAT these things are: We have put together a tremendous resource for you that will save you thousands of dollars in mistakes and at least 40 hours in “research” time! 

Get everything you need right here:

The Emerging business owner is no longer brand new in business, but often still doesn’t have enough clients and are nowhere near creating enough consistent income. These business owners are often “throwing spaghetti” at walls – hoping and waiting for something to stick! 

The focus at this stage is creating a repeatable consistent marketing plan – that you must STICK TO for the long haul! Stop being a “marketing dabbler” and instead focus on “mastering” one.

Learn to optimize your TIME and your resources. 
If you’re an “emerging” business, The BEST USE of your TIME and RESOURCES now is getting really dialed in with your marketing! 

Who are your ideal clients, what do they need most from you, where will you find them, where will you market, what networking events will have the GREATEST return on your time & money investment? What should your website look like? How can you use social media productively? 

These are the questions you’re going to need to work on next! 

If you’re “emerging” and know that you want to solve these problems and learn how to BEST use your marketing time and dollars… STOP trying to figure it out on your own, we have one of the BEST marketing COURSES on the PLANET for people in the “personal services” industry. In our Fully Booked course, I show you step by step EXACTLY how to market your business so that 6 months from now you’ll have a solid foundation, more clients and more sales – everything you NEED to build a profitable business if you are ready. 

You can start IMMEDIATELY, as soon as you register! 

You can do that HERE:


The Advanced business owner is making money – often getting near or at $75k. Their desire is to multiply their income and start scaling their team and impact in the world. But what often happens at this stage is that the “doer” fails to release control – become the bottleneck in their own business. I always find it fascinating that in our line of business, we encourage others to “hire us” – yet so many concierges never HIRE their OWN support. (Go figure) 

This business owner needs to focus on scaling the marketing that they’ve become masterful in. 

And the most important thing to learn in this phase of business is that the things that got you HERE – will NOT take you there. 

If you’re an ADVANCED business owner, you already know that your time is your most valuable asset and the best thing for you now is to short cut your way to becoming a prolific marketer.  When you become the “sought after” solution in your community, THEN you’ve become a Master!! 

If that’s you and you want to learn to turn your time into more $$ then your best NEXT step is to join us in our Ignite Your Business year-long group course! 

Are you ready? You can learn more about that here:
The key in all of this is that it all comes down to knowing what stage of business you’re in and then making decisions about what you need and what you need to do based on your stage.

If you’re in Start-Up – focus on getting clients as fast as possible. If you’re in Emerging – focus on creating a repeatable consistent marketing plan. If you’re Advanced – focus on growing what works by hiring the right team to help you grow what’s already proven in your business.

And if you want the short cut to ANY of the stages of business, HIRE a business coach to help get you there faster!

Here’s to staying in your OWN lane my friend!! 

Put the blinders on! Head down – and GO!!! 

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