How I Plan for 2021

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December 4, 2020
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January 6, 2021
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How I Plan for 2021

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A couple of weeks back I locked myself away at my beach house for 2 full days to sit and prepare for planning my 2021 new year business goals. It may sound like a simple process – “let’s plan” –  but in reality, I take my “planning” very seriously.

Imagine me, lots of fluffy blankets, candles burning, some good “spa” music in the background, my big flip chart, markers, and more than 1 journal (Yeah I’m psycho like that).

Today I want to not just share HOW to plan for your business in 2021 but the #1 thing, NOT TO DO!

A few years ago I was part of a big group mastermind (I LOVED being part of a community of forward-thinking peeps) but when I “planned” WITH them I did one of the worse things I could have done for myself…

I looked around at what “OTHERS” were doing and planning and my “plans” somehow began to morph into theirs…

I started adding plans and projects to MY calendar and schedule that my friends were adding…

Here’s why it was so wrong…

I used the “highlight reel” of others to make decisions on what I “wanted” in my life. And THAT was a BIG mistake!!

Sit and prepare for my 2021 business goals

What’s your plan for 2021?


Now I’ll share a story about 2 of my students to highlight this even deeper for you ?

5 years ago, when Stephanie started working with me, she had NO business. Just a name! We worked together on marketing, pricing, and how to use her contacts to help and grow her business… she did this VERY WELL and in a matter of 2 years was working “full time” hours in her business. That same year another student who was in our group program left her PT job because she too had too many clients. Quality problem to have!

The difference was that student B was certain she wanted a team long term. Stephanie thought she did too… so she started “planning” that year to hire and expand with a team… The reality was (and still to this day) is that Stephanie also wanted to build a business that allowed her to work 4 days a week and be able to be with her grandson once a week.

So for a year, she kept “planning” for hiring and expanding but DEEP DOWN that is NOT what she wanted …

The moral of the story is…

Do not look AT and TO others in what you “perceive” is their reality and set goals on what you think you “should” do.

Planning needs to be done strategically for it to really work.

Instead, set your new year business goals for YOU and YOUR lifestyle!

Just like the story above, no two people are the same.

Each of us has a different “why” behind our business. We each have a unique set of circumstances and life at home. You may have 4 children like me. Or perhaps you’re caring for an aging parent – or parents. Perhaps you still have your corporate job, and THIS is the year you’re planning to bravely step out on your own.

When you align what you TRULY Desire with an actionable plan to get there … THIS is how your GOALS become a reality!

OK – so back to the “planning” I did last week for my 2021 business goals.

First, I started by visualizing and planning what the future looks like for Task Complete in 2021.  I also plan for growth and impact through The Concierge Academy as well. ANNND I have a non-profit. (In case you aren’t aware – you can check out Operation Panda Healing here – but wait ‘til you’re done reading this post).

But – above ALL that – is the plan and focus I put on the OTHER important areas of my life. Like my family and my relationships. Because without those, none of this means squat!

Part of my business planning strategy is LEARNING from the last year and what my BIGGEST lessons were. Because it’s through THESE lessons that the BIGGEST growth happens.

Use Lessons you learned from Last Year to Set Your Business Goals for THIS Year!

So today I want to share with you the biggest lessons I learned in 2020 …

And these “lessons” are probably NOT what you expect…

  • My own fears will always pop up when I’m about to do new things. Fear can come with me but not take over.
  • Don’t share your goals with people who have their own mindset drama they will just shite on your parade.
  • The authentic version of me attracts the most loving and amazing clients.
  • Listen to your intuition even when it feels like it makes zero sense.
  • I really miss the humans and zoom is cool but not enough for me.
  • Whatever amount of marketing you think it will take to hit your goals – it usually takes 10 X that.
  • My every thought really truly absolutely create my reality
  • When I stick to my schedule, I have a lot more free time
  • If I don’t book my free time I “default” to working.
  • I have been bad at acknowledging my own successes. 2021 I promised myself to acknowledge each one.
  • When I align my marketing with my spiritual practices amazing things happen.
  • I have been doing too much on my own and need more support around me to get to the next level.
  • I have not made people responsible for their own promises and commitments and without my leadership, they will continue to do so.
  • Hire more help. (I think I said that already**)
  • I feel more powerful when I dress more powerful.
  • The thoughts I think are what create my reality.
  • Limits ONLY exist in the mind.
  • I enjoy LARGE amounts of quietude, self-reflection, and spiritual nourishment time (or I lose my shit)! (This was a theme that started in 2018)
  • What I do NOT plan for doesn’t get done.
  • I LOOOOVE spending time with my husband in deep ways (dreaming together).
  • Failing is OK as long as I am falling forward.
  • Release the “how” – and just STEP IN with faith and ACTION. (still carrying over from 2018)
  • I need lots of time moving my body through song, dance, Zumba, and long walks in nature.  (Covid this is where you been really messing with me)
  • Doing “technician” tasks keeps me from the “BIGGER”. (Continuing theme from 2018 – better in 2020 – STILL learning)
  • When inspiration strikes – take IMMEDIATE action.
  • I NEED to stay connected to like-minded high vibrational people. (I’ve been craving this more and more)
  • I’m still playing TOO small. I know I have so much more to give.
  • I still feel like “who am I to ________” (Bet you can relate, huh?)

So, my friend, I would LOVE to see you do this exercise for yourself!!

What have been YOUR biggest lessons you’ve learned this past year?

Drop a comment below and let me know ONE Lesson you learned for yourself this year!

Your lessons may be COMPLETELY different because our lessons evolve as we evolve. When I was first in business, I know MY lessons were things like: Don’t undercut my prices. People like having different payment options. To expand I need to hire a team. Getting worker’s comp insurance SUCKS! (haha!) 

Be WHO you are and be WHERE you are  … It’s all a journey anyway friend!!


Welcome readers! If this is your first time reading my blog, thank you for stopping by! As a concierge who has built a multi 6 figure business, went from a team of 1 ( me ) to 8 employees in under 5 years, and won multiple awards, my passion is helping others create the same success for themselves! As the Founder of The Concierge Academy, I write about specific topics and marketing strategies that work for concierge, caretakers, assistants, organizers, and other “helper” businesses.



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