How I Plan to Simplify in 2021

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January 19, 2021
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February 2, 2021
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How I Plan to Simplify in 2021

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Can you believe we are 4 weeks into 2021 already?

How are things going?

Are you FIRED Up? Are you ready to go?

Are you feeling swallowed up by the chaos and sadness that has been consuming our world?

Are you feeling optimistic and hopeful that someday soon, we can connect, come together and HUG in person again? (I can NOT WAIT to be able to hug people again).

As we shift into a new year, I wanted to talk about creating what you desire…

I Plan to Simplify in 2021

Years ago, like most other people I would set a “New Year’s resolution.”  You know the kind where you say “I’ll go to the gym 4x a week.” Or that you’re going to give up french fries, said ME – NEVER!  (haha)

Or people have resolutions that they’ll “get organized” this year. Run more. Drink less. Love more. Complain less.

People “resolve” to DO or STOP DOING…

But in 2015 I stopped setting New Year’s resolutions and started doing something different.

I started setting an “intention” for the year.

It was more about who I wanted to become or how I wanted to show up in the world. In essence, how I wanted to grow into a better, newer, and more evolved version of myself.

This became a much deeper process than picking a resolution.

It’s more about how I want to change in the new year. Who I want to become, and the things and opportunities I want to manifest?

One year my word was “release” – I wanted to release all things that no longer served me.

Another year my word was “expand.” I wanted to expand my money, clients, reach and impact (but NOT my waste lol).

Last year my word was “magical”. And despite all the crazy of 2020 – for ME –  2020 was MAGICAL.

It usually takes me a few weeks to get really clear on my “word of the year” and sometimes my word chooses ME.

This year my word for 2021 is “simplify” (simplicity).

I can feel it in my bones already.

I want to “simplify” my offers in 2021.

“Simplify” how we market.

Have more simplicity in the day-to-day.

I sense “simplicity” as I envision long walks on the beach. Or days watching birds fly by my window.

Going back to the “simple” things of life that feel like have gotten lost along the way.

It’s about letting go of things that make my life, business, and world “overcomplicated.” And gravitate more and more to a simpler, simplistic version of life and a business that I can magnify…

It’s about working SMARTER, NOT harder.

Working in an even MORE focused way than I have before so that I can have a greater impact this year helping more people create businesses that they are passionate about.

So, my friend…

Have you chosen YOUR word of the year?

What word and feeling do you wish to “embody” the most this year? And then how will you allow that WORD to support you as you grow your business this year?

I would LOVE to know your word! Comment your word and share it with me!!

And If you are ready to “simplify” things this year in your own business, join us at Spark Live March 15th to 17th (The best of LIVE in a Virtual Event!)


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