A 4 Week Marketing Course to Help You Grow
Your Business and Get More Clients


Kelly Schaefer

What is the Concierge Academy?

The Concierge Academy was born out of struggle! As I started my business several years ago I found myself doing what all the books said, following the free articles on line… But my business had hit a plateau and if things didn’t change soon, I was going to have to shut more doors and give up on my dream.
My dream was to help those people in my community that were struggling with the day to day minutia and becoming increasing overwhelmed. Often they felt alone with nowhere to turn. That was my dream! But I wasn’t reaching enough people.
That’s when I turned to a series of business coaches and gained the invaluable knowledge they had of marketing consistently and ON purpose instead of just throwing stuff on the walls to see what stuck… Now, I am blessed to serve hundreds of clients each and every year, with an amazing team by my side!
Are you ready to grow your business too? 
Over the next 4 weeks I will be teaching you the 4 primary ways to grow your concierge or other service based business. This 4 week program is made with love to help you grow your business, connect with the right people and get you SEEN in the market place!! It’s all about showing up BIGGER than you have been so far and helping your clients find you in a sea of chaos that they’re currently living in.

Who is this 4-Week Kick Butt class for?

* Concierge and Service Professionals who need to get more clients.
* Those who want to increase revenue and grow their business to the next level.
* Those seeking repeatable marketing strategies that will get you results when implemented consistently.

Don’t Take My Word For It

  • "The lessons taught here are tried and true and if put into practice consistently, will have you well on your way to running a successful business. Thank you so much Kelly, for everything you've taught me thus far. You are the model to follow if you want to know what success looks like."

    William Bauman
    We Got This, LLC
  • "I knew I wanted to provide this specialized service to clients but I needed help with getting started and not being totally overwhelmed by the process. The detailed information and processes that I received have proved invaluable to me as I started my new business journey. Kelly openly shares the “mistakes” that she has made along her journey in an effort to help her students avoid the same ones. It’s hard to put a value on that!"

    Stephanie Borden
    One and Done Concierge
  • "Kelly: I want you to know working with you has been phenomenal for me and my business. The value I receive from the content you provide and what you share is incredibly crucial to the growth of my business this past year. I am humbled and grateful for your generous heart and spirit. My journey with you has been one with many “A-ha” moments, tears, and laughter. And I am forever grateful."

    Rachel Revill
    PerfecTiming Concierge

What Will You Learn?


Week 1: Be Seen

We’ll dive into why networking is IMPERATIVE to your brand. We focus on who you should be talking to and how to do so efficiently and effectively. ( And learn why trying to “make a sale” will NOT get you where you’re trying to go.)

Week 2: Be Heard

Speaking to an audience of potential clients is far better than talking to one client at a time. It’s time to ramp up your marketing approach and create your signature talk. This talk will attract clients to you through connecting with your audience.

Week 3: Be Known

Being seen and known in the marketplace brings not only new clients but offers hidden opportunities that will grow your business. We will break down the steps needed to establish yourself as an industry leader.

Week 4: Be Referred

Creating a reliable sales force will sell your services for you. This allows you to expand further into the marketplace and establish your business as a trusted resource. You will learn how to use your networking resources to bring clients to you.

BONUS: Group Q&A

As a bonus, we will have a LIVE Group Q+A call where I’ll answer your questions and give you specific “next steps” to attract new clients to you efficiently and effectively.

Who Would Benefit From This Course?

You should join if… you are stuck in a marketing rut and need more clients.
You should join if… you want to learn repeatable marketing practices that are proven to attract clients TO you.
You should join if… your current marketing just isn’t working.
You should join if… you are committed to growing your client base.
You should join if… you want to stop feeling confused about what marketing strategies will help you grow your business the fastest.

I will show you what to do...

and how to do it to get the results you've been working for!

So really, what is this course? 

It’s a 4-week ONLINE class.

The classes are recorded and will be delivered every Tuesday.

Each class is 45-75 mins long.

You can download the recordings and listen to them over and over.

Each class comes with a workbook so you can put the content to work FOR you right away.

We are opening a private Facebook group during the course to provide you with more support and to help answer questions.


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