Level 3

Concierge Academy: Level 3

In Level 3 of the “Academy” program, our focus is on expanding beyond your 1-to-1 services and leveraging YOUR time, Building Systems in your business and Growing or Expanding your team (and therefore your reach).

At this point in your business ,you’re likely a maximum capacity and the only way to grow is to scale.

Once you scale, you can teach others to run the business for you and welcome an “unplugged vacation” back into your world.

Imagine going away on vacation and the business still runs?? And still makes money while you’re sipping a Pin Colada!

WE will take you through the entire hiring process step by step that we use. We share how we screen applicants, how to hire and how to keep them Motivated – Once you hire them!

Not only is it time to hire a team, but it’s also time to hire business support – so that YOU can focus on Marketing and spreading the word while someone else manages the small behind the scenes tasks that are gobbling up your time!

Level 3 is HIGH-Level training with a focus on expansion and leadership within your community ?

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