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I am soooo excited to see you here!! Why? Because when I started my business in 2010, I felt completely and utterly LOST! (Let me explain)

When I started my concierge business, I read all the books I could get my hands on, downloaded as much “free” information as I could dig up online and set out with a Dream to build a fun, exciting business, taking care of people. (And a GREAT way to do something really meaningful – helping others!)

But what happened next, I DID NOT expect. I DID NOT get clients… in fact it took a few months before I got my 1st paying gig!! BUT – I hustled and hustled hard! And 6 months into my business I was self-sustaining! I wasn’t taking a “paycheck” yet – but my money in covered my money out.

During our time together over the next 6 months, I’ll be sharing with you what works, what doesn’t and how to keep your head up when it seems like you’re not getting anywhere.

You’ll learn not only from ME, but from others in the concierge industry who are ALSO building and growing successful businesses!

From getting the right insurance to marketing and pricing your services, we’ll work together to help you set up a solid business foundation so that you can make money doing the one thing you love most… Taking care of people!

And if you’re anything like me – you’re wired to get SHIT done!!

Today is your day to begin that journey!!

Let’s do it!

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