If you’re here, you’re ready to let go of the struggle with your business and TRANSFORM YOUR BOTTOM LINE.

You know that joy is essential to your mission as a concierge and you’re ready for a breakthrough on every level.

Welcome to Kelly’s Inner Circle.

This is an extremely powerful place for concierge business transformation, but please be aware, it’s not for everyone.

Read carefully. You must say YES to all of the following in order to qualify for an interview with Kelly:

  • I know my life as an entrepreneur isn’t everything it could be and I’m ready to change that.

  • I don’t want to settle for anything less than a business full of my Ideal Clients.

  • I am ready to have a frank conversation about my business and get to the truth of what is holding me back.

  • I have a clear income goal for 2020, and I’m VERY serious about reaching it.

  • My work is my mission and I don’t want to waste any more time.

  • This is it! I’m ready to explore investing in myself and my mission in a BIG way (even if it feels scary).

If you said ‘yes’ to all of these, then I encourage you to fill in your name and email below so you can access the application for an  Inner Circle Qualification Interview. Do it NOW whether or not you think you’re ready to actually join.

Why? Because this application is a powerful business assessment tool in and of itself. When you’re finished, you can decide whether or not to turn it in – either way, you’ll gain invaluable insight into where your business really is right now (versus where you think it is, or wish it were).

If you DO decide to turn in your application (by clicking “Finish Survey”), my staff and I will carefully analyze it to see if you’d be a good match for the kind of work we do in the Inner Circle. If yes, we’ll contact you within 24 business hours to set up a personal interview with Kelly to talk about your business, your mission, and see if you are a match.

Why do I need a personal interview with Kelly?

A personal interview is required because of the intimate nature of the group. In a short time, it feels like a family. (We even call each other Inner Circle Sisters.) Specifically, the group is limited to 8 women. (It will be a full year before we open to new members.)

Because it’s so intimate and because my job is to hold the space for the highest good of the group (and every single Sister in it) I need to make sure you’re a right fit. And you need to be sure this is what you’re looking for to move forward with your mission and business as well. The best way to accomplish all these goals is by having a personal interview with me.

Remember, the Inner Circle IS for you if:

  • Are making good money with your local concierge business.
  • You are ready to realize the biggest version of success you can see, and need support to make it a reality.
  • Or you feel you are on the verge of a quantum leap but don’t see all the details yet and need expert assistance to realize it in record time.
  • And want multiple your 6-Figure business working part-time!

Here is why it may NOT be for you:

  • If you are ok to work with clients who are not “ideal”. You don’t mind compromising and are willing to wait to have a business you love.
  • If you want to ramp up slowly in your business and take your time growing.
  • If when you are out networking and talking about your business people are saying, “I need that,” and you have all the clients you want.
  • If you aren’t ready to invest in your mission.
  • If you are waiting to make money before getting the support you know you need.

If this is not for you, that’s perfectly okay. You may be someone who has already gotten what you need. If so, then I bless you on your journey. But if you feel in your gut this is what you need to take your business forward, and I’m the one to take you there, then I highly encourage you to take the time to fill out the application in its entirety and turn it in TODAY.