How My Students Are Blowing My Mind

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August 18, 2020
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September 1, 2020
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How My Students Are Blowing My Mind

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Confession time … 

I have a realllly bad habit and I want to come clean. 

I have this habit of whenever I do something – I think  “that wasn’t enough” or “I didn’t do enough” … 

It started when I was a kid. 

My mom pushed me to be the BEST in school – to make NO mistakes and to ALWAYS try harder… 

And even now all these years later, I find that I’m often NOT celebrating enough…I’m not thinking like the CEO that I am.

So, I’m actively retraining my brain (again ***) to celebrate ALLL the things. 

During one of our Group Coaching calls last week I shared with my own students how I don’t celebrate enough  – and asked everyone in my group (these are the students in our Ignite Your Business group membership) to spend 3 minutes writing down EVERYTHING they had done since our last time together. 

The things they shared blew MY MIND!! 

I want to share WITH you some of their shares AND how they did it!! 

Someone got their VERY first client! 

How she did it: 
She did a Facebook Launch (in the way we have taught people) 
She talked to “all her friends” 
She prepared in advance to get her first client by putting together her  “Intake packet” 

Someone doubled her networking commitments! (because we all know when you network in the right way – this is the first step in growing your business). 

How she did it:
She was committed to networking already 
She educated the people in her networking circles 
She got referrals from people to join other groups that would be a good fit for her (that’s because she has actively been educating people as to who her right-fit client is) 

Someone sold 8 PROMOS and made an additional thousand dollars last month (imagine an extra 1K in your pocket!! ) 

How she did it:
She’s been consistently using our proven networking process
She used social media in the “right way” 
She’s been educating people in her circles as to HOW to use here services 

Someone got invited to a “Mompreneur Mastermind”  (which aligns with her ideal clients) 

How she did it:
She’s become willing to talk to all of her core connections about her business 
She’s been increasing her visibility and showing UP to be of service to others FIRST 
She’s getting really clear on how to best talk about what she does 

Someone hit her VERY FIRST 5 figure month!!!
 (Yes, that means she had 10K in new business come in – in one month!) 

How she did it:
She’s gotten REALLLY consistent with her marketing 
She’s maintained consistency in her networking 
She said “yes to everything” 

In essence, SHE is beginning to Think, Plan, and Act like the CEO of her company!! 

If you’re just getting started or even if you’ve been in business for years and haven’t quite HIT your first 10K month yet, that’s totally cool!! It takes most people 5 or 6 years to do that! But what my student has done in under 3 years so well is she’s ALWAYS taking what I teach her – and putting it into ACTION. 

Building a 50K business then scaling it to 100K (and beyond) doesn’t HAPPEN within your comfort zone. 

Everything that is required of YOU to make that BIG Leap – happens outside the things you’re currently doing. 

You have to have clarity of your clients, offerings, pricing, and marketing. You need to have a SUPER clear vision of the future. You need to think, plan, and act like someone who THINKS like a CEO and NOT someone who approaches their business like a little side hustle … (unless of course you only WANT a side hustle – that’s totally cool too). 

BUT – IF you dream of building a business that you’re super proud of. One that supports you financially and provides for your dreams, whatever they may be, you NEED to think differently and surround yourself with the motivation and inspiration that will help get you there… 

AND you have to celebrate ALLLL the things along the way. XO 

Want to get really clear on your clients, services, offers, pricing, and marketing?? Want to begin to think like a CEO and create your OWN Roadmap to 100K? 

Come join us at our upcoming 3 DAY LIVE Event called Spark Live (being held virtually – which means you can attend from ANYWHERE in the world – including your own living room).

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Let’s do this work together!!! 

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Here’s to celebrating ALLLLLL the things XO

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