Holy guacamole! How did this happen…

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September 28, 2021
After Colby Graduates, What Comes Next?
After Colby Graduates, What Comes Next?
October 19, 2021
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Holy guacamole! How did this happen…

Holy Guacamole! How did this happen yesterday...

Yesterday we all felt the “absence” of our “connection” to each other when Facebook, Instagram, and What’s App all went down at the same time.

For some marketers out there – they were in FULL ON “Oh shit” moments.

How would they connect with clients?

How would they “sell” their services?

How would they connect with and reach potential clients?

To be honest, at first, I was like – uhhhhhh – now what do we do?

But then I realized – I’m a marketer at heart and I always KNOW that I don’t “own” the traffic/leads that are on social media and I may need to shift but I have nothing to worry about. Unlike so many others who were running around yesterday in a panic.

I’ve built my business in a way that FB could “go away” tomorrow and I would be A-Ok.


Because I have other forms of communication I use to communicate with potential “buyers”.

Russel Brunson talks about “traffic” you borrow and “traffic” you own.

I “borrow” traffic from FB and IG ( but that traffic doesn’t “belong” to me )

I “own” my own traffic by way of my “list.”

As a marketer no matter what industry you’re in, it’s VITALLY important for you to build a “list.”

But there are 2 types of “lists” in the world. One of these types of lists works BETTER than email when you have an “offline” business.

This entire topic is why I worry about people who start a concierge business, and “social media” is the only thing on their marketing plan.

Most people start a business and have no concrete plan or process for how they’re going to get clients.

There’s a lot of spaghetti throwing at the wall.

Then 6 months a year from now – still no clients.

So, my friend – what does this mean for you?

1- Don’t put all your marketing efforts into ANY 1 basket, always have multiple streams of marketing working at the same time
2- Focus on “traffic” you own not just traffic you borrow
3- Make a plan, flush it out, go all in
4- Always be prepared to shift

Are you new to the industry?

Are your “doors open” but not getting the traction you thought you would have.

Struggling to make more than a few hundred ( or even a few thousand ) dollars when you can make 4 or 5K a month.

Or be like one of my students who made 24K in ONE month working with seniors.

Join us at Spark Live – It’s happening Oct 21st – 23

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Let us help you!

I’ll be teaching all the things about marketing so that FB could blow up tomorrow and it would never even impact you!

If you dream of really building a business (and not a side hobby) you belong here with us.

Clear the decks
COMMIT and go all-in on your dreams…

At Spark Live – we are going to LIGHT you UP and send you back into the world, to be the SPARK that the world needs right now.

There are people out there each and every day “looking for you” but they don’t know you exist. Let me help YOU – help THEM find you XO

Let’s Go!

Not sure if Spark Live is something that you need or should do right now? Hit reply and let us know. We can help you decide if it’s a good move for you.

By the way – if you’re “scared” that’s your GREEN light to join us!

GO Now to get your ticket – get excited!

If it doesn’t challenge you. it won’t change you…


Welcome readers! If this is your first time reading my blog, thank you for stopping by! As a concierge who has built a multi 6 figure business, went from a team of 1 (me) to 8 employees in under 5-years and won multiple awards, my passion is helping others create the same success for themselves! As the Founder of The Concierge Academy, I write about specific topics and marketing strategies that work for concierges, caretakers, assistants, organizers, and other “helper” businesses.

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