What You Can Learn from a Candle Company

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December 29, 2020
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What You Can Learn from a Candle Company

Stages of Business Growth/Growing a Concierge Business/Build a Personal Concierge Business/Starting a Concierge Business/www.theconcieregeacademy.com

As we roll into 2021, fresh, with new goals to achieve and accomplish, I want to inspire you to be of more “service” to those around you.

Stay with me a minute!

Stages of Business Growth/Growing a Concierge Business/Build a Personal Concierge Business/Starting a Concierge Business/www.theconcieregeacademy.com

New goals to achieve and accomplish.

Today, I want to share with you a simple formula to increase sales without bringing on “new” clients, that even a candle company got right!!

But first… let’s turn the clock back…

Years ago, I met a woman locally who sold Arbonne (it’s a beauty and health line). I ended up purchasing a skin care regimen from her. It was a 3-piece kit that included: face wash, a day cream and a night cream. I LOVED the product.

BUT – when I ran out, instead of calling her, I would normally pick something up at Target or add a few products to my Amazon cart.

Several months would go by…

Then, one day I saw my Arbonne friend at a networking event. Because she was there “in person”. I told her how I had run out months ago and could I buy another set. She excitedly said yes (she makes more $$ the more product she sells).

I looked her and offered her some marketing advice!

Why don’t you call ALL of your customers about a week before they “should be” running out and offer to help them place their next order? In my mind – this would have 1) helped me USE my products the way they were intended 2) help me order MORE product FROM her 3) quickly multiple her sales.

To me that would have been a VERY simple marketing strategy that would have cost her NOTHING.

She never took my advice…

This is how much it cost her:

The product bundle cost $90 (let’s say it was meant to provide me with skincare for 90 days)

I have only bought the product 4x in 8 years. = $360

If she had called and helped me reorder quarterly, or offered me a new skin consultation once a year so that I was using the “best products” for me, or stayed in touch a made sure I NEVER ran out…

I would have spent: $90 per quarter x 8 years = $2880

Can you SEE how being of “service” more to your current clients and customers is one of the easiest ways to make more money??

So, back to the candle company!!

During the holidays, I was looking to support black-owned businesses and from the recommendation of a friend, I purchased some candles from the Harlem Candle Company.  (You should totally check them out!) Approximately 30 days later, I received an email from them said:

“Dear Kellyann, 

A month ago, you made your first purchase from The Harlem Candle Company. We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed your first candle order from us!

We wanted to send you a quick, personal note to check in with you, because research has shown that most of our customers finish using their first candle within 30 days. 

Have you had the chance to finish using yours? If so, we would love to share some recommendations for your next candle. Check out our list below, or feel free to ask us directly!

The Harlem Candle Company”


When I received this email – it made me smile from ear to ear.

THIS is HOW you DO Marketing!! That one email took me back all those years ago when this was the exact thing, I told my Arbonne friend to do. It’s the same strategy I teach the members of our 100K Club and what I write about so often…

If you show up MORE for the clients you already have, find ways to anticipate their needs and be of greater “service” … Imagine how much your business would grow with just this ONE fundamental marketing strategy…


Welcome readers! If this is your first time reading my blog, thank you for stopping by! As a concierge who has built a multi 6 figure business, went from a team of 1 ( me ) to 8 employees in under 5 years, and won multiple awards, my passion is helping others create the same success for themselves! As the Founder of The Concierge Academy, I write about specific topics and marketing strategies that work for concierge, caretakers, assistants, organizers, and other “helper” businesses.



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