Do THIS before Christmas

4 Ways to BOOST sales right now!
November 23, 2021
Planning for 2022 (We do THIS first)
Planning for 2022 (We do THIS first)
December 7, 2021
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Do THIS before Christmas

Do THIS before Christmas

As we started discussing last week, early planning is the KEY to boosting profits and sales in the final 2 or 3 months of the year!

Selling and offering your concierge services during the Holiday season is one of the BEST ways to really take a stand and get your name out there!

When you promote and market your services proactively, with a PLANNED-out process, you’ll get to track and see results increase and improve year after year! 

In my Holiday Training course ( that is no longer available for purchase ) – I share how a simple holiday promotion one year, grew year after year, and 3 years later resulted in a 5K project for ONE CLIENT! 

THAT my friend is the POWER of marketing your services, following the trends, and remembering to always stay top of mind!  

If you missed last week’s post 4 WAYS to BOOST your Sales During the Holidays you can catch that here.

As your Year winds down I want to share other things you should be doing RIGHT Now so that you can kick OFF 2022 with a Bang!

  1. Take Care of Things You’ve Been Putting Off

If you’ve been considering changes that would help you bring in more clients or streamline your processes, put them in place now. These might include new marketing campaigns, a more streamlined onboarding process, a smoother way to have contracts signed, a simplified tracking system…

Imagine I just gave you 10 Brand NEW amazing clients!!

What are the things that would likely fall apart as a result of such an influx of work?

Those are the things you need to start with 🙂 

  1. Plan Your Marketing and Promotions ( OOBER IMPORTANT! ) 

Set aside time to strategically plan your holiday marketing. Use all the information you have from last year! If this is your FIRST big holiday season, be sure you are tracking EVERYTHING this year – so you have this data for NEXT year!

What did people ask for last year? What was your biggest selling package or promotion? What were your TOP-requested services?

How did you get the word out last year about your services? Did it work? Did it NOT work?

Where should you be shifting your marketing this year, so you see a better return? 

What opportunities should you be seeking? 

  1. Hire and Train Seasonal Help

If you’ll need extra help during the busy holiday season, start the hiring and training process early. Last year I reminded all my readers that WE, as personal concierges often neglect our OWN needs during the holidays. If you’re not fully prepared, you’ll find yourself putting your own tree up 3 days before Christmas. Having all your gifts shipped via Amazon Prime in time for Christmas Eve – yeah – been there! 

In order to make sure you don’t lose your mind during the holidays; you’ll want to be sure you have some type of backup support in place BEFOREHAND!

Seasonal helpers have a greater chance of success when you’ve had the time to vet, prepare and train them in advance. 


The biggest thing to remember is that we all start somewhere – those that succeed – do ONE thing better than anyone else.

They decide NOT to give up no matter what!

OH and before I forget, keep your eyes open, I have a CRAP TON of resources I’ll be sharing over the next 2 weeks with you to kick off 2022 prepared and READY to go! 


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