Bonus: Visibility 365 Social Media Calendar

Visibility 365 Social Media Calendar

Ever sit and stare at your computer or cell phone – you opened your business FB page – and you have instant fear and fright?? “What do I talk about”?

Never feel overwhelmed by Social Media again! I know! It’s soooo hard to “come up with” ideas and topics to talk about on the fly. NO more my friend! I took allll the guesswork out of it for you and provided you with 365 daily “Go Live” prompts.

Whether you use your 365 calendar to “create social media posts” or you’re brave enough to press “go live” … I made it super easy for you to follow!

BUT! Before you download your own copy – Watch this mini “how to” video – I show you HOW to gain access to the file, how to make a ”copy” so it’s forever yours and how to print it for easy reading!

Here’s a LINK to gain immediate access to the google doc