June 30, 2020
woman scheduling follow up calls in date book

Dos and don’ts of follow up

What’s new and good in your world? In your business? Or your Life?  New and Good in my world: Next week I’ll be working with a […]
June 23, 2020

8 Ways to Get Back to Business After COVID

For many of us who experienced local and state wide “shutdowns” due to Covid, we’ve shifted our marketing, our services and our leadership in the community… […]
June 19, 2020
June Calendar// meet your business goals

Get Back on Track to Meet Your Business Goals

Many people look at the beginning of the “new year” as this exciting time to set new business goals, make plans and get excited by their […]
June 9, 2020
woman typing on computer // business vs hobby

Are You Running a Business or a Hobby?

This week I’m going to open a conversation that is often avoided… it’s one that most people don’t want to have… and honestly – it’s one […]