Being Outside Your Comfort Zone…

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August 4, 2020
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Being Outside Your Comfort Zone…

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What has gotten you out of your comfort zone lately?

About 2 weeks ago I got a message on a Friday morning, it said: “can you do an interview today for my podcast”? 

I was like … YES! Absolutely!! 

But what happened next is likely not what you expect from me…. 
I had a mini panic attack. 

YES – Me 

You see, the whole idea of being “visible” is something that I think haunts us at our core. 

We tend to only show up as much as our “fears” will allow us to. 

But the problem with letting our FEARS of visibility get in the way is that they CRUSH our dreams and goals. 

Visibility is something I’ve been working on for 10 years now, ever since I started my business in 2010. And yet, I still have fears of being “seen”. I fear being judged. I fear what others will think or say about me. I even fear sounding “stupid”. 

It’s the voice of the inner critic that I’ve been dancing with ever since I stepped out into the world as a business owner. 

How has the inner critic shown up for me? Maybe you have felt this too? 

My first business card exchange with my local Chamber of Commerce, I puked outside the venue in the parking lot right next to my mom van. I was TERRIFIED to walk into a room full of “strangers” and have to talk about my business. 

The first time I did a “video” for YouTube I refused to watch it for months. I just did it and posted it and never looked at it. 

The first time I “spoke” to a small group, I was terrified and cried beforehand. 

The first time I gave a “presentation”, I had such intense anxiety I couldn’t eat or sleep. To make matters worse, there was a “Speaker Coach” in the room, whom I knew. I was on his newsletter list. The following week when I got his newsletter, I crumbled. I was the “topic” of all the WRONG things to do as he talked about a presentation he went to the week before and allllll the things that the woman presenter did wrong … He ripped me apart for his own gain.  

I refused to speak in front of others again … Until almost 5 years later. As I took the “stage” in front of a group of about 50 local business owners to talk about managing time and delegation, again I puked in the bathroom ( there’s a theme here with puking from nerves ) … 

Again I had a FULL ALL OUT PANIC attack when my mastermind told me about 5 years ago to put a “video” on my website. I literally almost threw stuff at my friends, I was sooooooo against the idea. 

Fast forward some 5 years, I still have immense anxiety. I still stomp, complain, cry, and say “I’m not doing it – you can’t make me” …  

But what I have LEARNED is that this is a pattern for me… 

My team even knows this … and points it out when I have a panic attack. 

But, I have also learned that despite the anxiety, the fears of judgment and criticism, and alllllll the thoughts of “I’m not good enough”, I have learned to feel the fear and do it anyway… 

That’s why when the team of Susan Hyatt reached out to me on a Friday morning to be interviewed THAT day, I just said “YES”. 

I have learned to just say “yes” before my inner critic brain has an opportunity to realize what I’m saying YES to – then I work through the fears anyway. 

Why am I sharing all this with you? 

Because I want you to know that fear of being “seen” is a real thing. But to build something beyond yourself, we together MUST learn to manage the mind of the inner critic … to STEP OUT – STEP UP – and SPEAK UP … 

It’s what’s required of us to shine our light. 

No one ever said it would be easy… 

And for many people, they’ll back down and walk away … 

But my friend, my hope is that for YOU – you will remember these stories and realize you’re NOT alone as you say YES to stepping our of your comfort zone and being more visible! 

What opportunities are sitting there waiting for you? 

What have you been afraid to do or say YES to? 

I want you to do something BRAVE this week, something that scares the shit out of you, something completely out of your comfort zone … and then tell me about it. Let me know how brave you were to say YES so that I can celebrate your willingness to be SEEN… 

Perhaps it is in the form of: 

  • Going to a networking event
  • Creating video content
  • Jumping on FB and doing a “LIVE” talking about what you’re up to in your business
  • Being vocal on social media
  • Sharing your opinions and passions with others
  • Doing more writing that helps educate people as to what it is you do
  • Saying yes to speaking in front of a small group of entrepreneurs or business owners
  • Saying yes to presenting at a local business event

What will being VISIBLE look like for you?? 

It’s funny what happens when you start saying YES to things … More doors open. 

Just in the past 2 weeks, I was interviewed on a podcast, I was asked to be a guest speaker for an online TV show, I was interviewed by a LARGE national magazine and I ALSO committed to the dates for my own
NEXT LIVE event (it’s happening in September – early bird tickets are available now).

My message this week is that: 

You are NOT alone 


When you are willing to step out of your comfort zone

MAGIC happens … 

Now – Go out and SHINE that LIGHT!!!

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