The Key to Attracting High Paying Clients

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January 27, 2021
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The Key to Attracting High Paying Clients

Last week I received an email in my inbox it was from someone who claimed that my coaching was “expensive.”

To be honest, years ago I would have been CRUSHED by that email, today however it didn’t phase me, and here’s why…

The truth is – my coaching is NOT expensive! And “expensive” is a relative term.

The course she was speaking about has an investment of $1997 for a year, it’s a program we no longer offer unless you’re part of our higher-end mastermind.

I have clients who have invested in that program and went from making 3K in a year in their business to 44K the next year… If I gave you 40K would you give me 2K?

If I gave you 40K would you give me 10K even? The truth is, no stock or bond will EVER give you a return on investment like that.

I invested over 61K in coaching JUST in 2020! Those investments make me richer… Yes, financially more abundant, but also spiritually and knowledgeably richer.

Why am I sharing this?

Because there is a VERY valuable lesson here, that I want to share with you! The key to attracting high paying clients…

Be the client/customer that you want to ATTRACT!

People who WANT to attract “high paying clients” first need to become high paying clients.

If you want more referrals – GIVE more referrals.

If you need more resources – GIVE more resources.

If you need or want more time from your spouse or children – GIVE it to them first.

We can NOT attract that which we are not willing to first invest… it’s part of the laws of reciprocity.

If you become someone who squabbles and fights over $10 at the grocery store – you will have clients that want to squabble over their invoices.

The Key to Attracting High Paying Clients

It’s fascinating how this can show up in your business without even being aware!!

Have you ever said to yourself…

“My clients won’t pay that!” That’s’ usually YOUR money mindset invading their lives.

It’s usually because “you wouldn’t pay that.”

I’ll never forget when I raised my rates back in 2013. At that point, I was charging $35/hr (this was before I built our membership model) and I wanted to raise our rates to $40/hr.

One of the things that kept showing up for me was that people were no longer hiring me at my “new rate.”

I did a lot of questioning.

I did a lot of blaming (of my business coach at the time).

I did a lot of searching for the answer.

But here the answer was RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE!!

I would NOT have paid a concierge $40/hr to do MY grocery shopping – BINGO!!!!!

My husband at the time would NOT pay a handyman $50/hr to do a few things around the house because he “could do them himself.”


When you aren’t finding clients who will “pay your rates,” the first thing you need to do is:
1) Ask yourself – is THIS person an ideal client?
2) Am I fully congruent with my offer?
3) Would I hire/invest in this myself?

This isn’t about me, my coaching, or the email I received last week, but rather a reminder that what YOU DESIRE WANTS you – but to attract something into your world, you have to be willing to give it first XO!

What’s ONE thing you can give, offer or invest in this week that will bring you closer to that which you desire the most? Even if it’s quality time with your teenager…

Comment below and let me know!!

Here’s to attracting MORE love, health, riches, and abundance into your world in 21!

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