What to do when you don’t have enough clients…

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February 16, 2021
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What to do when you don’t have enough clients…

Have you felt like there’s so much information coming at you all at once? Should I do this? Should I do that? Do I need fancy branding? Do I need a “scheduler”?  Do I need a “funnel”? All the fancy things you see out there in the entrepreneurial world.


Each of those things DOES have a reason and purpose behind them. BUT many people focus on all the “tactics” before they understand the foundational strategies that create successful businesses.

All the fancy things you see out there in the entrepreneurial world

All the fancy things you see out there in the entrepreneurial world

How do I know? I fell for a lot of those “tactics” too. I kept looking for more and more things to “try” because I wanted so badly to solve the problem, I was having…

I didn’t have enough clients. I wasn’t making enough money and what I did was spent all my time and resources doing things that I did NOT need yet in my business. If I would have taken that time to hone in on the MOST important things, I would have found success a LOT faster!

Now, as a serial business owner who has taken 2 businesses into the multiple 6 figures, I can share with you that it’s not all the “fancy” stuff that wins you clients, money, success, and impact… It’s YOU understanding: WHO your clients are, what they need and how to solve their problems in the best way possible.

Seems simple right?

Then how come so many people, good people, with big dreams and big goals and big hearts can’t seem to get past a few clients here or there??? 

…Because of something out there… Guru’s out there are telling you in complicated speak a VERY SIMPLE process.

Once you NAIL this, you’ll begin to create and replicate faster traction within your business.

These are the 8 things every successful business owner gets super clear on…
1. Pick a NICHE (your right-fit client) that is actively looking for a solution.
STOP trying to market to people who don’t want what you’re offering (or don’t have the money to pay you).

That may sound really mean – but remember you are in BUSINESS. And to keep your doors open, you need to charge for what you do.

2. Once you define your “Right fit client”.  Learn how to speak to THEM in their own words.

3. Create an irresistible OFFER that is specific to them that solves their problem. This can be done through the packages you offer.

4. Position yourself as the authority or the ONLY solution they should even consider.

Are your services high end? Exclusive? A Great “deal”? What IS your unique selling proposition? What makes YOU and YOUR services the BEST solution?

5. Take your OFFER and Positioning out into the market and test it with your Right fit clients (niche).

6. Create a proof of concept.

7. Overdeliver.

Do it all over again.

Pretty simple right??

What is hard is all the failure that occurs between steps 1 and 8…

It’s where most people give up – or look for new “tactics” like schedulers, branding or the perfect Facebook post to solve the fact that they haven’t gotten clear on steps 1 – 8 yet.

Need more clients?

Perfect every step above and do it all over again…

And if you want some hand-holding along the way?

Join me for 3 days at Spark Live, March 15th -17th. It’s our signature 3-day virtual event for personal concierge, organizers, assistants, senior care providers, and other “helper” businesses.

Together we’ll be diving into these concepts so that you can walk away with your own 50K (and beyond) roadmap.

Leave knowing your niche, your services, pricing, marketing, and the systems and the mindset that will create more clients, income, and impact in YOUR business.

Hands down the BEST opportunity for launching and growing your own local “helper” business.

And for only $97, you can claim your ticket here!


Welcome readers! If this is your first time reading my blog, thank you for stopping by! As a concierge who has built a multi 6 figure business, went from a team of 1 ( me ) to 8 employees in under 5 years and won multiple awards, my passion is helping others create the same success for themselves! As the Founder of The Concierge Academy, I write about specific topics and marketing strategies that work for concierge, caretakers, assistants, organizers, and other “helper” businesses.

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