After Colby Graduates, What Comes Next?

Holy Guacamole! How did this happen yesterday...
Holy guacamole! How did this happen…
October 5, 2021
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November 2, 2021
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After Colby Graduates, What Comes Next?

After Colby Graduates, What Comes Next?

2022 is the year my son Colby should be graduating from college. He however shifted mid-year in his sophomore year. Traditional “college” wasn’t quite right for him, so he decided to come home and started working full time while he figures things out…

How in the world does this translate into a “business lesson”?

Stay tuned…

The other day I got an email from Catholic University. It was one of the colleges he applied to and was accepted to. But he chose to go to Loyola (Maryland) instead.

The subject line read: After Colby Graduates, What Comes Next?

The email read:

To the Parents of Colby Schaefer,

Several years ago, Colby expressed interest in The Catholic University of America. I know that he pursued another route, and I hope it was a great experience.

From there they went on to share about their Master of Science in Business Program

They provided lots of details and then…

We believe that our program can provide Colby with the practical business skills to meet whatever challenges lie ahead. If this program sounds like a good fit for him, have him make an appointment with me to discuss the program and answer questions. Application fees are waived through November 15.

Even though Colby is no longer a candidate for this program I was amazed by their Marketing!!

What did they do right?
· They stayed “in touch” years after we were first interested in their school (SERVICES).
· They honored Colby’s choice in choosing “another competitor.”
· They reached out with what “next steps” we may be interested in.
· Even though the email was likely a copy/paste, they still took the time to “personalize” their communication.
· They provided us with a “direct call to action.”

All of these represent GREAT MARKETING!!

What can you take away from this??

Great marketing is something that sells…

We are “marketing” and “selling” alllll the time.

You sell your family on the brand of ketchup you buy

or like me…

You sell your family (after months of consistent follow-up) on not using the microwave to heat leftovers – to use a pan instead.

Marketing and selling is a skill set we get better at…

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