4 Business Strategies to Close Out the Year

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October 1, 2019
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4 Business Strategies to Close Out the Year

business strategies to close out the year

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It’s that time of year where we’re still hustling to finish the year strong and also secretly have our eyes on all the “newness” that will come with the new year! But we still have several weeks left of the year where you can finish strong!! So do NOT give up! Don’t settle in and coast into the holidays. Take a stand for you, your business, and your clients, too! Today I’m giving you FOUR business strategies to close out the year.

The key is to stay focused on the goals you set for yourself in the beginning of this year! Are you close? Have you fallen behind a little? Are you crushing it?

Keeping you focus and your energy on “finishing strong” will also motivate you to keep taking action as you wrap up the year and your 4th quarter.

So, what is your plan to finish strong?


4 business strategies you can focus on finishing strong this year!

1) Be SUPER clear on your financial/sales goal. 

This is NOT the time to get all wishy-washy. Even if you’ve fallen behind,  it’s OK – you STILL have several weeks to KICK arse! But you need to tell your BRAIN that you are going to finish as strong as you can – and STAY in that energy each day.

Then I want you to write that number down on an index card. Stop right now and go right this goal down for yourself! Put it on an index card – Or a Post-it on your desk. Put it on your mirror in the bathroom so you can infuse your mind while you’re brushing your teeth lol!

However it works for you, – Stay focused and clear on the end result.

2) Call your BEST clients


Too many people overlook the obvious! People say things  all the time like “I want to invest in your course, but I don’t have the money”.  And I always say – the fastest way to bring money in is to connect with those clients that love you the most!

For some reason, people like to overcomplicate things! They’re always out looking for the next best marketing gig… But if you just create a structured way to stay in touch and to anticipate the needs of your BEST clients, there will always be an opportunity to bring in more sales. Your greatest asset is that of the people who already know, like and trust you.

Think about what your clients need most – especially this time of year and offer it to them!

3) Call all those clients who have done work with you before

Same philosophy as above, but one most people forget about. Your network of clients is the single easiest way to bring in potential sales. This should always be part of your sales strategy.

Remember that client that hired you for that one gig way back in March? Or perhaps that client who decided to take a small break.

Pick up the phone and reconnect. Remind them of the work you’ve done together in the past and offer your services to them. Some may say No. But some will also say YES!

4) Who’s on your “hot” list 

Throughout the year, I’m sure you’ve connected with people who were interested in what you do but didn’t become a client ( yet ). Perhaps they reached out by phone or email? Perhaps they sent you a PM through FB?

Identify your most valuable leads and make attempts to reach out and reconnect with them. Even if those people have decided not to work with you, just hearing your voice COULD very well result in a referral.

Prioritizing your leads in this way will make sure you spend your time focused on what is already available to you.


While you’re here, I also want to share a special event with you that I’ll be hosting in January! It’s our annual Strategic Planning Day! Once a year I host an online goal-setting and Strategic Planning Day that is off the hook amazing! We will come together to review 2019, plan all your goals for 2020 AND create the plan to get there! This way when 2020 rolls around you’ll know JUST what to FOCUS all your time, money, marketing efforts and energy on. Sometimes it means we need to add new things into our plan. Sometimes we have to hunker down and let things go… But in order to have the BEST chance for success in 2020, you need to plan. Every year we have about 25 people who come together to take time away from your kids, your work, and your family and map out what we want the upcoming year to look like! If you want to be one to know exactly how I plan and map out my marketing, my projects and where my $$ is going in my business each year – Come Join us!! 

You can register right here:   https://theconciergeacademy.com/planningday



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It’s not always easy to build a service-based business. Many see it as an intangible, but you can build a profitable and flourishing concierge business!

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