How to talk about what you do

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May 25, 2021
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How to talk about what you do

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For those of you that live in the US, I hope you all took a moment to honor those that have died performing their duties their military duties.

Perhaps you went to the beach or the lake? Maybe you threw some food on the grill, went for a long walk, hopped in the boat, or BBQ’d with your friends.

Whatever you did I want to also say a special thank you to all those who have lost their lives in service of fighting for our freedom…. I HONOR you 

So today I want to talk quickly about a VERY COMMON phenomenon when you’re starting out.

The Problem:

The BLANK STARE people give you when you tell them you’re a “concierge”.

Last week one of the members of my 100K Club Group shared what she was experiencing.

I am sharing this story – because it’s NOT an uncommon one – and I hope to help give you some clarity on how to talk about what you do ( whether you’re a concierge, an organizer, or any other business owner – this can 100% happen ) 

This is what my student shared with us…

Having a moment! I have experienced during networking especially in person that my messaging is not clear. When I meet one on one or follow up with people via email or phone, they think my business is either a virtual assistant service or I work solely with Seniors. I’m not sure why. This is what I say:


I am the owner of (NAME OF HER BUSINESSS), a Lifestyle Concierge Business where “Your to-do list is our business” We support small business owners, busy moms, caregivers, and aging adults who are experiencing stress & overwhelm trying to do all the things. Our services range from running errands, organizing, personal shopping to assisting with small events. Our goal is to free up time for our clients so they begin to experience harmony in work-life balance.


Thoughts on if my messaging is confusing? 


So, tell me this…
If you met someone at a networking event, during a cocktail party, or sitting having a 1-1 would you 100% understand what she does??

Side note – this is in noooooo way shaming her. I did the same thing 10 years ago when I started – and people would look at me like I had 5 heads.

How I responded…
Your statement is trying to fit 8 services and 5 dif target markets in one mouthful – which means no one knows who you REALLY help.

Also using words like “
Lifestyle Concierge Business” goes waaaayyyy over people’s heads. WE know what it means because we do it – and live it every day. But most people don’t.

It’s NOT you – it’s them just not knowing.

It would be like if you met someone at a networking event – and they told you they were a geotechnical engineer? Would you have ANY Clue what that actually meant?? Not unless you were an engineer.

This isn’t about anything you aren’t doing right… it’s just what others can understand. That’s all. Just speak their language. You totally have this

Then I rewrote her “Pitch” for her…
The results… the VERY NEXT Morning she shared this:

How to talk about what you do

How to talk about what you do

I hope this helps you when you’re out there talking to others about what you do…

Keep testing

Keep tweaking

Your message will get clearer the more you try 😊

Oh and if you want to know how I TALK about what I do that ALWAYS results in conversations on the spot? WATCH THIS!


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