6 Steps to Make 6 Figures in Your Business

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6 Steps to Make 6 Figures in Your Business

I want to share a secret with you.

In full transparency, I’m NOT sharing this to scare you or make you run away, but rather to shed a LIGHT on the truth.

This secret is a truth many people won’t share. And a reality the BIG business gurus will totally screw up because they have NO DAMN CLUE!

It took me years to make 6 figures in my business. (OK, so I’m scared you’ll judge me right now.) I mean come on, right! Someone who is sharing THEIR business knowledge comes clean and shares it took me YEARS to make 6 figures? (My vulnerability radar is going cray-cray right now.)

So, here’s part of the “secret” that no one is willing to say.

75% of ALL personal concierge business owners NEVER make more than $25K a year.

Please don’t hate me for sharing that with you…

I’ve watched it for years…

People with GOOD hearts and KIND souls step out into the business world, with this amazing idea of “taking care of others.” It is a VERY BRAVE step, and if that’s you, I honor you with all my heart and soul. As a matter of fact, I’m tearing up just thinking about how brave you are.

Why? Because I know how hard it is to have a dream and JUMP!

For many of you, you are JUST LIKE ME! You felt the call. The one down in your gut, that said “it’s time to do something more.” And In the meantime, you may have even left behind a stable J-O-B with amazing benefits to do so. You may have even made your family, hubby included, and your friends think you’re crazy and also amazing to follow your heart…

Until you struggle.

That’s when the “rah rah rah – you can do it” turns quickly into a “are you sure you can do this? This is a dumb idea. Are you even making any money?”

Why do you think I know those words so intimately? Because it’s what I LIVED TOO…

That’s why I am soooooo committed to sharing with our industry what it REALLY takes to make 6 figures in your business.

Now – here’s the kicker though – In order to actually make this happen – you GOTTA DO THE WORK!!

I have had clients work with me in my group programs and in less than a year took their business from $0 to $40/50 K ( amazing!! )

I have also had students come through and take a class or training I have taught and NOT get those results… 3 years later still spinning their wheels…


Not because my training doesn’t work – but because those that succeed are the ones that have a NO EXCUSE approach and just keep following the formula – the formula I’m about to share with you now…

The 6 Step Framework to Making 6 Figures In Your Business

  1. Getting REALLY clear on your ideal clients. (I knoooooow!! It’s so overheard and completely overrated BS – BUT it’s also so painstakingly true.) If you think “everyone is your client” like I did and every other concierge out there, you are TOTALLY missing out on BIGGER income and profits! I know! It sounds totally counter-intuitive. But I will tell you that those people who are brave enough to choose a niche are the ones that have the fastest results. Without clarity on WHO your clients are, your marketing becomes a bunch of noise in the marketplace.
  2. Building a business that has a recurring revenue model. I will tell you, my friend, that this here is what took me from being a “business owner” not quite at 6 figures to an entrepreneur making multiple six figures and being profitable at it. Without consistent recurring money coming in the door, you never know how to budget OR if you’ll be able to pay your bills month after month.
  3. Become the “go-to” person in your marketplace. You want to be the person/business that everyone says “Call so and so! She/he is amazing.” But how do you become so well known in an area that clients and referrals come to YOU systematically? You need to be doing the RIGHT marketing activities that get you out in front of your audience.
  4. Be consistent in ALL your marketing. I know this sounds like a no-brainer too, but I will tell you that 95% of people out there building a business are always playing hot potato with their marketing. It looks like this.
    • “Let me go to this networking event” (and have no process for following up for the long haul).
    • “I’m gonna pay for that AD! The guy at the Country Club said everyone there is in the top 10% of earners and that my ideal clients are there.” (yeah – don’t do THAT!)
    • “This week I think I’ll try this…”
    • “That didn’t work so I’m not doing that again.”
  5. Know the exact strategies to being found both ONLINE and OFFLINE. Marketing a personal service business like ours has some VERY UNIQUE marketing strategies that WORK when implemented correctly and consistently. It’s getting clear on what works and not wasting time and money on things that might “look pretty” on the outside, but really do nothing for your income or profitability.
  6. Grow beyond yourself. This is what happens when you market in the right ways consistently, have a recurring revenue model, AND know who your ideal clients are. When people can find you quickly online and offline, this is when your IMPACT expands. And when your impact expands, your income goes up. But what inevitably happens is that you WILL need to grow beyond yourself to cross the 6 figure mark. This is something many of my students experience after they’ve worked with me. They start out making little money and within 2 years need to hire to in order to take themselves and their business to the next level.

Ok, I know it sounds simple right? But for so many out there being able to show up for your business over and over (especially in the beginning when nothing feels like it’s working) is one of the HARDEST things you’ll ever do.

And right now?? I mean come on – why would anyone want to be “showing up: right??

Because you NEED TO 😊

What I have found to be the KEY to getting unstuck and moving beyond your current plateau is to model what works from those who already achieved what you desire. Be in a room or group of advancing entrepreneurs who have similar goals and be at the gates on your own mindset – EACH AND EVERY DAY!!

Look, I don’t have to teach you how to BE a concierge. That is your own unique gift, my friend.

But it’s the business building part that so many people just don’t get! I think it’s because of all the books and articles out there online that say things like “YOU can make 5 figures in 30 days with this ONE thing” or “You can have a profitable concierge business with little to no start-up money” and my fave “All you need to build a concierge business is a cell phone and a laptop” …  have you read that one too?

This is why over the past 5 years I have been taking people through my process and helping them GROW and BUILD profitable businesses.

Many have left behind their full-time jobs. Many have grown teams. Many are now adding philanthropy INTO their business model like we have at Task Complete.

Some have even used their business income to pay off their home…

Now that you have learned this week’s strategy for taking your business to 6 figures, I want to be sure you have an opportunity to HOP on the waiting list for the “IGNITE Your Business Program!”

Look – I know times feel “stalled” right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t and SHOULD be marketing your business … those that are being proactive will have a business to return to …  those that aren’t keeping top of mind may have to go back and start from scratch – years of work could be LOST in a matter of months…

Look – there’s no commitment right now, but to get access to exclusive bonuses — You wanna be the first to join when we open our next enrollment…

So stop right now 🛑

Go hop on the waiting list 👉 https://theconciergeacademy.com/ignite

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